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An ideal movie would be, like - to get this to happen,
An ideal movie would be, like – to get this to happen, I have to work so much harder – but imagine Denzel Washington, Laurence Fishburne, Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy… Who else? Donald Faison. Directed by Steven Spielberg. That would be awesome.

Donald Faison
When I did ‘Cyrano’ for Roundabout, I was originally supposed to direct and play the title role, but I quickly realized that was madness, and we called in Jamie Lloyd, who directed me in Osborne’s ‘Inadmissible Evidence.’

There’s one thing I’ve never seen in a paper. Jamie Carragher linked with this or that club.

It was really fun working with Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz on set.

Quvenzhane Wallis
I’m not a Gary Neville or a Jamie Carragher, or somebody who doesn’t need to do their apprenticeship in the media and can go straight into it because they’ve played for massive clubs. I’ve had to work at it but I believe I am better than them.

I most want to be remembered for being as great a mother to James and Lennon as my mum was to me and my brother Jamie.

Patsy Kensit
Jamie Dimon and J.P. Morgan are contributing millions to the Remain campaign because they do very nicely, thank you, out of the E.U.

In Halloween, I viewed the characters as simply normal teenagers. Laurie, Jamie Lee‘s character, was shy and somewhat repressed. And Michael Myers, the killer, is definitely repressed. They have certain similarities.

There remains a degree of anti-black intellectualism in entertainment. Middle and upper-middle class blacks have often been portrayed as buffoons in popular culture; witness the characters of Carlton Banks on ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ and Braxton P. Hartnabrig on ‘The Jamie Foxx Show.’

I was 21 and had been going out with my boyfriend for two years when I found out I was pregnantdespite being told by doctors that I was sterile. Jamie’s father and I hadn’t discussed marriage, and to me, it wasn’t something to be entered into just to stop gossip.

If I could look like anyone, it would be Jamie Redknapp – even up close, he’s amazing.

Jamie Oliver, quite rightly, was talking about trying to improve the diet of children in schools and improving school meals, but the net effect was the number of children eating school meals in many of these places didn’t go up, it went down.

I auditioned for the role of Jamie Mitchell in ‘EastEnders,’ and it was between me and Jack Ryder, and he got it.

Jamie’s gonna go take a break now, and i am going to continue the on-going process of making a fool of myself and go ahead and try it myself.

Freaky Friday‘ was really fun. They had a ping-pong table on set because Jamie Lee Curtis is really good at ping-pong. She’s awesome at it. And they had a tournament, and we would play during filming. Whoever won the tournament would get to keep the table. I think it was Jamie who kept it.

Cayden Boyd
I did a movie with Jamie Foxx that was kind of action, and, you know, Jim Hopper’s a little bit action; he does throw a good punch.

Mostly the guys I worked with like wrestling AJ Styles, Jamie Noble, wrestling Chavo Guerrero, wrestling Rey Mysterio… As much as I try to be an individual or unique I can’t deny the strong effect these guys have all had on me.

I wanna chase down Denzel Washington, Jamie Foxx, Will Smith. I would love to start my film career.

I’m doing a play at Trafalgar Studios with The Jamie Lloyd Company – ‘The Maids‘ by Jean Genet with Uzo Aduba and Laura Charmichael, directed by Jamie Lloyd. It’s one of my favourite plays by one of my favourite playwrights.

Of the people who cook on television, I have admired people like Jacques Pepin, Julia Child, Mario Batali, Jamie Oliver and a few others because they are free of drama, display good taste and masterful technique, and use clear exposition to bring you up to speed.

People say I’m like a cross between Jamie Oliver, Russell Brand and Mr Motivator.

Before he became ‘a working actor,’ as he now proudly calls himself, Jamie Dornan initially caught the public‘s attention as a model – you may remember him from those greasy underwear ads with Eva Mendes, among many others.

Actors act… Their job is to become this character. And I have, in fact, seen Sam Heughan become Jamie and Caitriona Balfe become Claire right before my eyes. It was an astonishing transformation.

Having a stage name is like having a Superman complex. I go into the telephone booth as Eric Bishop and come out as Jamie Foxx.

Jamie Dimon is doing a great job; J.P. Morgan is a great institution.

There is this preconceived idea that I would follow the likes of Michael Owen, Jamie Carragher, and Gary into the media because it’s a really good life. But football is my life.

If you’re not authentic you get found out. You wouldn’t watch Jamie Oliver if you found out he couldn’t boil the egg.

God has been my number one inspiration. I also look up to Will Smith and Jamie Fox who are also personal friends of mine. They give me great career advice. I would also include Chris Stokes, as a filmmaker and music producer. I’ve been working with him since I was eight.

Marques Houston
It takes a lot of time and good editors, which luckily we have, to make me look like Jamie Tartt.

I play a lot of football, but let me tell ya, I am nowhere near as good as Jamie Tartt. I wish that I could play football like he does.

There’s different types of strikers: Harry Kane is a wonderful finisher, Jamie Vardy has great pace and has come onto the scene exceptionally well and is playing consistently, and Wayne Rooney is a player I have admired during all of his career.

James was my given name, but I was a junior; so I was Jamie as a kid.

On a day when you’re tired, it’s important to just say good morning to everyone so they’re kind of aware that it’s gonna be a good day. Jamie Lee Curtis told me that.

Jamie Carragher was someone who I looked at as to how to organise, how to defend and how composed he was, how good he was at reading the games and he was one I looked up to.

I would love to play a fun character. Like, I would love to be in ‘A Long Day‘s Journey Into Night.’ I love that play. I’d play Edmond or Jamie. I don’t care which.

Whenever Jamie Foxx was on ‘In Living Color‘ and then you saw him sing, it didn’t take away from either of those things.

From Warren Buffett to Jamie Dimon to Paul Tudor Jones, no one has cracked the code and put a critical mass of top women in the C-Suite or near it.

One of my biggest influences growing up was Jamie O’Brien. He was like an older brother to me.

All I had when I began writing the first book was rather vague images conjured up by the notion of a man in a kilt, so essentially I began with Jamie, although I had no idea what his name was at the time.

Jamie Oliver’s books are the best. I love Jamie. Bless him!

I just love Jamie Foxx!

Nancy O’Dell
Even in my genre, cookery, just look who gets on the television. Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Nigel Slater. All very nice men. All white middleflclass men.

I had a lot of idols like Fernando Torres, Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher, and Xabi Alonso – all of them. I really looked up to them.

When I approached ‘Animal Man,’ I approached it as if it wasn’t a reboot, as if the Grant Morrison and Jamie Delano stuff happened. I mean, as much as I could make it all make sense, it still all happened.

When I was singing Jamie’s Cryin’, people were going out of their mind because it was the first time they got to see Eddie, Michael and Alex play those songs. That was a thrill.

How Jamie Tartt came to be Jamie Tartt was that he was originally Dani Rojas – but not as we know him now because Cristo Fernandez is Dani Rojas. They saw Cristo Fernandez and went, okay, we’re going to make a character and we’ll find a name for him.

I like the way Frank Lampard articulates, like the fact Jamie Carragher really does his homework and the way Rio Ferdinand has been able to show his personality while giving those insights.

When ‘Vida’ got the green light, Starz sent me this picnic basket of Jamie Fraser red wine and all these ‘Outlander’ things that I’ll never open because it’s like my sacred thing.

Jamie doesn’t like to do anything hastily, and I like to do everything incredibly hastily. So therein you have the dichotomy of our patterns.

When I worked with Jamie Lee Curtis in ‘True Lies‘, she told me, You need a plan B, because when you have six months to a year off, you can go nuts. You need to have another focus.

Jamie Foxx. He’s been very much a mentor and friend, and we’ve worked together several times. He’s just been such an influence in my career. There’s nothing that man can’t do, and that’s something I would like to reflect in my career.

Bresha Webb
I’m different to someone like Jamie Vardy, who is a lot quicker than me but if he loses a yard he loses a large part of his game – whereas I never had the yard in the first place.

I can’t imagine that I would have been cast in the role, without Jamie Lee giving me a thumbs up.

I even used to play as Liverpool on the PlayStation on ‘FIFA‘ when I was 18 or 19, as Steven Gerrard, Sami Hyypia, Jamie Carragher, Michael Owen, and Xabi Alonso.

I think that Jamie Oliver did more good for the nation‘s cooking when he was just cooking than by telling us what chickens we should eat.

Players such as Scholes and Gerrard, Ryan Giggs and Jamie Carragher have consistently performed at the top level and played hundreds of games. It’s fantastic, I’d love that. But you never know what’s round the corner.

Working with Jamie Lee Curtis has changed my life. I grew up adoring her.

I have a song called ‘Decisions‘ that features Jamie Foxx, Mary J. Blige, John Legend and Common. It’s about people who have made a decision to really stand by you as friends.

When you think about the OG scream queens and all of the incredible women who have really defined this genre, such as Jamie Lee Curtis, they are all so talented and so multidimensional.

Let me start with a confession: I don’t enjoy cooking. The reason I usually do it at home is not because I’m a New Man or Jamie Oliver disciple, but because my wife‘s cooking is so bad. In fact, to me, cooking is less a pleasurable pastime than a defense against poisoning.