Top 60 Strange Thing Quotes

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I know it's kind of a strange thing I'm talking about,
I know it’s kind of a strange thing I’m talking about, but another part of me truly believes I can fly, like somehow my mind can figure it out.

It’s such an awkward, strange thing that was concocted, to have auditions. Back in the old days, you‘d just have a screen test, and they’d say, ‘Oh, you seem natural in front of the camera,’ and you’d just go do 10 pictures for Paramount or whatever.

Vinessa Shaw
QTE is a very strange thing… it really depends on what you expect from your game experience.

I had been obsessed with insects and creepy-crawlies: I used to get up at five o’clock in the morning and go out into this field behind our garden and collect insects before everyone else got up, and suddenly, all I wanted to know about was music. It just seemed a very, very strange thing.

Wikipedia is a strange thing. Whoever gets there first, you know, they decide. Like the picture: You can’t choose it! You can’t be like, ‘You know, I hate that picture of me doing stand-up from 2005 – that doesn’t exemplify who I am.’ You take it down, and someone puts it back up.

One of the things that happens in the business is that success is a very strange thing in that if you are involved in something very successful the next person wants you to repeat it.

Elmer Bernstein
The magical, supernatural force that is with us every second is time. We can’t even comprehend it. It’s such an illusion, it’s such a strange thing.

It’s a strange thing to keep having this image of you at the age of seven, 12 or 14 as the one that everyone not only remembers you by, but wants to think in some way that you still are.

The strange thing is that since I’ve been offered lots of films I think that maybe they think that I’ve sold out to Hollywood. Which is not the case if anybody‘s listening.

Brenda Blethyn
But it’s a strange thing when people judge you because you’re not doing some big Hollywood film. Are you suggesting I should be in ‘The Dukes of Hazzard?’ I mean, hello?

The strange thing about living somewhere for a couple of years and then moving on and not returning is that those locations become ghosts of themselves in your mind.

Conducting is a strange thing to teach.

The strange thing is, if I was speaking to drama students about the thing that you should do if you’re lucky enough to know or to meet the character that you’re playing, I’d say, ‘It’s obvious: you quiz them diligently about their experience.’

Grief is a very strange thing. It can affect you in all kinds of ways. I lost a year. I’ve done a lot of therapy and it’s great to be back on the horse.

Film is a strange thing.

If you ask me to describe my relationship, I mean – words are too clumsy to accurately describe how I feel in that regard, particularly in an interview. It’s a strange thing.

It is a strange thing that true crime has now got entertainment value. I don’t know why people love shows about crime so much.

Acting is a really strange thing to do; it’s very strange.

You know, I used to be made fun of as a kid for being really articulate; it was sort of like a strange thing.

Film actually is a very strange thing – you can fly in, get off the plane, and climb into bed with somebody you’ve never met – and that’s weird!

A commodity appears at first sight an extremely obvious, trivial thing. But its analysis brings out that it is a very strange thing, abounding in metaphysical subtleties and theological niceties.

Most people just settle – for a job or relationship, or where we live. Here’s the strange thing though: when you start going outside the box and questioning things, then people – because we’re taught this – start ridiculing you.

The strange thing is I can’t play jigs or reels or any of that traditional Irish stuff as well as I ought to, whereas I think I have got a good ear for blues, the tonality of it and so on.

It’s a very strange thing being recognized or looked upon as someone special.

Becoming a musician is a strange thing. It’s not all cupcakes and ice cream. You’re trying to master an instrument, and you sometimes can’t tell if you’re getting better. You love it, but you also hate it.

The strange thing was, when I was starting on YouTube, even the paradigm of YouTube and Internet sensation – or whatever – that didn’t really exist. So I didn’t even know that that was a thing.

Developing characters is a strange thing. In the beginning they are abstract and I wonder how to move on from there.

Ann Brashares
The strange thing about hotel rooms is that they look familiar and seem familiar and have many of the accoutrements that seem domestic and familiar, but they are really weird, alien and anonymous places.

Grief is like a moving river, so that’s what I mean by it’s always changing. It’s a strange thing to say because I’m at heart an optimistic person, but I would say in some ways it just gets worse. It’s just that the more time that passes, the more you miss someone.

It’s a very strange thing for a designer to say, but one of the things that really irritates me in products is when I’m aware of designers wagging their tails in my face.

Strange thing, this television.

My manager called me and said, ‘Hey, there’s a series at Neflix.’ I’m like, ‘Netflix? Oh, boy.’ At that time, it was just a strange thing to hear. It’s like going, ‘There’s a series at Blockbuster.’

I don’t know why, but if I was walking down the street, the same people who called me freak would probably ask for a picture. It’s a real strange thing.

The strange thing – and this is one of the advantages of being incredibly shallow and superficial – is that wherever I am, that’s sort of home.

Physical beauty is such a strange thing.

It’s been a very strange thing to see the attention my clothes have gotten, just because it’s so inversely related to the amount of thought I put into them.

Acting is such a strange thing, it’s different for everybody.

Gregory Smith
What a strange thing man is; and what a stranger thing woman.

Sometimes being old is used as an insult, which is bizarre because, if you’re lucky, that’s literally going to happen to you. It’s a strange thing to gloat about: being born recently.

Listening is a magnetic and strange thing, a creative force. The friends who listen to us are the ones we move toward. When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand.

Karl A Menninger
A strange thing is memory, and hope; one looks backward, and the other forward; one is of today, the other of tomorrow. Memory is history recorded in our brain, memory is a painter, it paints pictures of the past and of the day.

Grandma Moses
I used to do things like white-water rafting, trekking and horse-riding safaris. Recently, though, I had the humiliation of having to turn away from a helter skelter. It’s a very strange thing when you hit a certain age.

I think there’s an essential problem in movies and TV that I think a lot of people experience now: Audiences are way more interested in the actors than the characters that they’re playing. It’s a strange thing.

Michael Angarano
I’m not a musician, but I play music. So it’s a strange thing.

That’s the strange thing about making a record. You can be in one mood for an hour, put it on a record, and you’re remembered that way.

Women are a strange thing. Like watches, houses, and cars, you really only need one at any moment in your life (French men disagree).

It’s a strange thing when someone passes away. It’s always when you’re not expecting it that you’re affected by it. When we first started filming, we were filming with existing characters in a location that we’d never been before.

Ladies and babies, and mortgages, for that matter, can all wait. Acting has done a strange thing to me, though. I often sit there, thinking, ‘I love this, but I wouldn’t put my daughter on the stage.’

‘The Strange Thing About the Johnsons’ is so disturbing but so good, because it went through a lot of things that you don’t really see, ever.

Milly Shapiro
It’s a strange thing that we’re actors, and we’re always playing a character, and then suddenly we’re at a place like Cannes, and we’re getting photographed as ourselves, and you’re like, ‘What do you do?’

I’d been writing fiction for 50 years, since I was 19. And when you write fiction, it becomes a way of thinking: there’s always a novel around. The strange thing was that afterRemember Me,’ there wasn’t.

The mind of the performer is a very strange thing.

James Galway
I know Nirvana‘s a strange thing. It means a lot of things to a lot of people.

Dogmas are collective conceptual prisons. And the strange thing is that people love their prison cells because they give them a sense of security and a false sense of ‘I know.’ Nothing has inflicted more suffering on humanity than its dogmas.

The strange thing is, no matter what, when you become some kind of public figure, you have your go-to answers for all scenarios and instances.

My parents met because my father was an actor friend of one of my mom’s brothers, but my mother has never set foot on the stage – she‘s quite shy. So it’s a strange thing because people say, ‘Oh, coming from acting parents,’ when the idea of acting would literally make my mother just want to throw up.

The strange thing about people considering me upbeat is that I’m really not.

The strange thing about Africa is how past, present and future come together in a kind of rough jazz, if you like.

I have always felt a little homeless. It’s a strange thing.

It’s a strange thing we do as actors. I’m walking out the door, and I’ll say, ‘O.K., honey, I’m off to take my clothes off.’

Teddy Sears