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Well, it's so cheesy to say but you can't find a comedy
Well, it’s so cheesy to say but you can’t find a comedy director who makes movies for critics. When a movie does $580 million worldwide, I’m not saying that proves anything except people were enjoying the experience.

I’m an actor. That proves how lazy I am. It’s foolish to take on any other jobs.

I would say to always follow your dream. And dream big because my whole career, including any of the things that I’ve accomplished, I never thought in a million years that I would be here. So it just proves that once you believe in yourself, and you put your mind to something, you can do it.

My entire career proves to me that if you believe in what you’re doing, you will reap the benefits.

The very act of questioning whether you exist proves you do, because you must be there for the doubt to be entertained in the first place.

That I am a national figure because I was the first person in 192 years to be at once a congressman, black, and a woman proves, I would think, that our society is not yet either just or free.

It just proves that I’ve been here for a long time and, I guess, have done the right things over the years.

While there is perhaps a province in which the photograph can tell us nothing more than what we see with our own eyes, there is another in which it proves to us how little our eyes permit us to see.

Dorothea Lange
Recognition should come to the reporter who uncovers public cheating or proves a convicted man innocent.

It’s just crazy to have a dream – have a plan – and then it all just kind of comes true. To me, that proves that you have to have a vision first.

If the front-page news is a comedian doing a joke that people think is naughty, that proves there’s no real news that day, does it not?

In Britain, we have this attitude that people are one-hit wonders. If it proves that way, I’d rather have had that one hit than not at all.

The philosopher proves that the philosopher exists. The poet merely enjoys existence.

The mere existence of ‘Buffy’ proves the declinists wrong about one thing: Hollywood commercialism can produce great art. Complex and evolving characters. Playful language. Joy and sorrow, pathos and elation. Episodes that dare to be different – to tell stories in silence or in song. Big themes and terrible choices.

Every religion in the world has denounced every other religion as a fraud. That proves to me that they all tell the truth – about others.

The Kelley fight meant that much because it’s always when a fighter from this country goes over to America and proves himself, it’s always make or break in a British fighter’s career.

It’s nice to do an IPO where your investors get value straightaway and the share price pops up; it proves you left something on the table for them.

The very existence of flame-throwers proves that some time, somewhere, someone said to themselves, You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I’m just not close enough to get the job done.

In my experience, marketing is best when it proves the product it is supporting.

We must cultivate our own garden. When man was put in the garden of Eden he was put there so that he should work, which proves that man was not born to rest.

The New York art world readily proves people wrong. Just when folks say that things stink and flibbertigibbet critics wish the worst on us all because we’re not pure enough, good omens appear.

Oil wells never really run dry. A big company will drain maybe 40% of a field. Pulling out the rest of the oil, which requires an outlay of incrementally more cash per barrel, often proves uneconomical for big companies with big overheads.

If the Gaza ceasefire proves stable, Israel will not remain in the Strip.

History proves that all dictatorships, all authoritarian forms of government are transient. Only democratic systems are not transient. Whatever the shortcomings, mankind has not devised anything superior.

Vladimir Putin
For any band to stay together for 10 years proves that something is correct with the chemistry involved in all four of us.

I feel like my story just proves how important not only social media is, but how important it is to be your authentic self. Because when you’re really truly your authentic self, the right people will find you. And when they find you, it will be for exactly who you are.

I’m delirious with joy. It proves that if you confront the universe with good intentions in your heart, it will reflect that and reward your intent. Usually. It just doesn’t always do it in the way you expect.

If a motive affects me, and I am compelled to act on it because it proves to be the ‘strongest‘ of its kind, then the thought of freedom ceases to have any meaning. How should it matter to me whether I can do a thing or not, if I am forced by the motive to do it?

If Marilyn is in love with my husband it proves she has good taste, for I am in love with him too.

Simone Signoret
If the Internet, ubiquitous as it now is, proves too dangerous in the hands of the psychologically fragile, perhaps access to it ought to be restricted. We ban drunks from driving because they’re a danger to others. Isn’t it time we did the same to trolls?

Sauber had a bad championship the year after they fired me and so if I had stayed it would have not been so good. Sometimes life does these things to you because it’s the right thing. You think it’s wrong, ‘initially, but life proves different.

Children must be impressed with the fact that the greatest heroes are those who fight to help others, not those who fight for power or glory. They must be made to understand that victory does not prove that the thing fought for is right, nor that defeat proves that a cause is wrong.

One of my goals is definitely to motivate the youth towards sports. Whether it’s arts or academics, I just want to let them know that anything is possible. To think that I grew up as a WWE fan and now I’m a WWE champion proves that through hard work anything really is possible.

As a rule, said Holmes, the more bizarre a thing is the less mysterious it proves to be. It is your commonplace, featureless crimes which are really puzzling, just as a commonplace face is the most difficult to identify.

The early idealists and companies and governments have all assumed that the Internet will bring freedom. Yet China proves that this is not the case.

When we see a strong correlation, and the matter at-hand is something with major health or safety or security implications, then we are behooved to at least begin taking preliminary precautions in case the correlation proves to be causative.

Even in training Paul Scholes proves he is one of the best midfielders about, and Michael Carrick as well.

You have a movie and it proves itself and then certain things happen.

The Faces do not, as some have recently alleged, play badly. They are more than competent, especially at creating a mid-Sixties Rolling Stones-styled groove, as their excellent version of ‘Memphis‘ proves.

The attitude of the people proves that not only do we want to, but that we can succeed in pulling our country out of the difficult position it finds itself in. The banking system of our country will survive and grow.

Nicos Anastasiades
Nothing so conclusively proves a man’s ability to lead others as what he does from day to day to lead himself.

Thomas J Watson
I do feel pressure from the outside world a little bit just because everybody wants new music, which is really nice. It just proves that everybody likes what I’m doing. But at the same time, I feel like it’s important to just chill and experience things and really make the songs true to me.

You want to give the person as much freedom as you can within the boundaries of being a responsible producer with a contract to a studio. It’s about giving as much freedom as you can, and the more the filmmaker proves he or she is on the track that you feel good about, then you just kind of watch dailies.

The very strength of a nation eventually proves to be its weakness.

I do not feel certain until I have confronted my initial solution with other solutionsalthough in fact the first solution often proves to be the right one.

The Indian Corn, or Maiz, proves the most useful Grain in the World; and had it not been for the Fruitfulness of this Species, it would have proved very difficult to have settled some of the Plantations in America.

John Lawson
History proves that most writers get forgotten anyway. That’s very likely to happen to my books, and if I’m extremely lucky, maybe one of my books will survive.

We love everyone. We appreciate the support. It has helped us; it has been noted. It has been needed, and it just proves that Slipknot is not a band: we are a culture.

The United Nations has become a largely irrelevant, if not positively destructive institution, and the just-released U.N. report on the atrocities in Darfur, Sudan, proves the point.

Linda Chavez
Love is never defeated, and I could add, the history of Ireland proves it.

You look at my audience, and it proves what Congress thinks America is, is wrong. I get people across the political spectrum. Parents and kids come and they’re all punked out, and there are these other guys in John Deere caps.

I am truly humbled. Not only that I am going to be known as the final Top Model but as a final Top Model who is deaf! And that is an amazing tagline. This proves that deaf people can do anything and everything.

Against Japan and any Asian teams, we’ve had good results, so I would say that history proves we are the best Asian team.

The media circus surrounding Sports Direct… only proves that whatever progress Sports Direct makes, it will always be subject to disproportionate scrutiny and misrepresentation.

In sports, you simply aren’t considered a real champion until you have defended your title successfully. Winning it once can be a fluke; winning it twice proves you are the best.

Althea Gibson
I hope to remain connected with the game that’s given me so much in some capacity, whatever that proves to be.

Love proves itself by deeds, so how am I to show my love? Great deeds are forbidden me. The only way I can prove my love is by scattering flowers, and these flowers are every little sacrifice, every glance and word, and the doing of the least actions for love.

Thérèse of Lisieux
My role models are every single woman that steps inside of the cage – inside of an octagon, inside a ring, or on a mat – and proves to themselves and to others that they can do what they need to do. Those are my heroes. Those are my sheroes. Those are the people that I look up to.

The Divas Revolution didn’t have the great start that I wanted it to have, but through time, it has got to where I want it to be, starting with the Triple Threat Match at Wrestle Mania. Our faces were in the middle of the stadium, which proves we are getting equal opportunities.

You go into each game looking to win. We’re not looking at wins or losses because it proves something as a team. We go into every game trying to get better. As long as you compete, we’re gonna play our hearts out; we’re improving every day.

I now add, farther, that the apostle‘s argument is so far from proving it to be the duty of people to obey, and submit to, such rulers as act in contradiction to the public good, and so to the design of their office, that it proves the direct contrary.

Jonathan Mayhew
A diploma only proves that you know how to look up answers.

Solomon Short
My record proves that I don’t make political or public-service decisions based on what typical folks in Washington do, which is, ‘What’s going to get me past the next election, or what’s best for my career?’

The dripping… well, if it happens, it happens; it does not take anything from the work. The dripping just proves that you were not trying to control the work, but the work was developing by itself and if it drips, it’s a natural part in the evolution of the work.

I am lucky to be a film director. I can create, express. It proves that I am still alive and the Khmer Rouge did not succeed in destroying me.

I feel like every time you think you really understand how deep the seductive power of evil is, it always proves to be one step deeper than you thought possible.

African elephants have long been thought of as a single species, but a critical mass of genetic studies now proves there are two.

It is the ability to take a joke, not make one, that proves you have a sense of humor.

Max Eastman
The success of ‘Hidden Figures‘ proves that people are interested in, hungry for, stories about transcendent human experiences.

My career proves that you can be on top for a long period of time by doing things that come naturally.

They say the good you do lives after you. Bob is one of those who proves that.

God tests and proves us by the common occurrences of life. It is the little things which reveal the chapters of the heart.

All theological lore is growing distasteful to me. All my recent excursions into such fields proves it to be a shifting, hypothetical, doubt-fostering, dusty, and unprofitable study.

Wilfred Owen
The Temple of HipHop has declared HipHop its own religion. We believe HipHop is divine. HipHop proves the existence of God.

As set forth by theologians, the idea of ‘God’ is an argument that assumes its own conclusions, and proves nothing.

Johann Most
Our show proves that some pretty incredible things can happen when people come together.

Ty Pennington
If you get out back-to-back in T20s, it proves costly.

This proves that great lyric poetry can die, be reborn, die again, but will always remain one of the most outstanding creations of the human soul.

Britain proves to be an ideal setting for many a medieval-minded crime novelist, regardless of century.

While every historical era has its unique appeal as a setting for tales of crime and detection, the 19th century is exceptional – it brought about so much change on social, political, geographical, and technological fronts that the mix proves to be an irresistible one to mystery writers.