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Switzerland still has a huge share of the watch market,
Switzerland still has a huge share of the watch market, all advertised at the airport on illuminated hoardings. Gosh, they are ugly.

I never felt truly at home in Switzerland.

I was born in South Africa during apartheid, a system of laws that made it illegal for people to mix in South Africa. And this was obviously awkward because I grew up in a mixed family. My mother’s a black woman, South African Xhosa woman… and my father’s Swiss, from Switzerland.

So far, therefore, as we can draw safe conclusions from a single specimen, there has been no marked change of race in the human population of Switzerland during the periods above considered.

Charles Lyell
I’ve always enjoyed playing in Switzerland. The crowd support is amazing here, and Basel is one of the best indoor tournaments in the world.

Switzerland is a place where they don’t like to fight, so they get people to do their fighting for them while they ski and eat chocolate.

I grew up in Switzerland, in this kind of rigidity. It was Protestant, and I was rather shy. That influenced me a lot.

Rene Burri
I’m not talking about Russia in my music. I’ve never been to Russia. I’m not talking about Africa, Switzerland, China. I’m talking about me being American and growing up in a crazy world and helping to reflect all different sides of life.

I travel so much that my idea of a good holiday is spending time at my home in Nyon, Switzerland.

The outbreak of the war found my wife and me in Switzerland, where we were taking a cure.

Fritz Kreisler
I been in Russia, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, London. I’m all over the place being loud.

I look upon Switzerland as an inferior sort of Scotland.

The fiesta of soccer, a feast for the legs that play and the eyes that watch, is much more than a big business run by overlords from Switzerland. The most popular sport in the world wants to serve the people who embrace it.

If I go to someplace like Switzerland, I find a lot of uptight people because they’re living amongst so much beauty; there’s no urgency in trying to find the beauty within themselves. If you‘re stuck in New York, you have to somehow look within yourselfotherwise, you’d go crackers.

I live in Italy. I visit my family in Switzerland.

Ursula Andress
I’ll put it franklyBritain has more influence in China than Norway or Switzerland, with all respect for the other countries.

Fortunately for me, my mother loved travel. Our first non-beach family trip abroad – to England, France, and Switzerland – came when I was 11, and thereafter, we often tagged along on my father’s European business trips.

I’m a triple citizen of the United States, in Switzerland and Tunisia. And actually beyond just my immediate family, all of my family is abroad.

My mother was born in Switzerland, my stepfather in Canada.

I guess I’m kind of a mutt. I was born in the U.S., my parents are from Mexico, and I grew up in Switzerland. It’s weird because I sound American, but I spell theatertheatre‘ with the ‘r’ before the ‘e’.

Switzerland is a country where very few things begin, but many things end.

We’re fortunate to have this extraordinary foundation of, I guess, not growing up in Hollywood and growing up in this farmhouse in Switzerland. She wanted a normal life for herself and for us. And it’s a valuable and beautiful memory that she left us.

Democratic self-government has manifestly brought benefits to India, Japan, Norway, Switzerland, South Africa, South Korea, and scores of nations all making their way in the world.

There is a perfectly good alternative to the European Union – it is called the European Free Trade Association, founded in 1960. Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein are members. E.F.T.A. stands for friendship and cooperation through free trade.

I have built already seven very large railway stations: one in Italy; two in Belgium; and in France, and in Switzerland, in Portugal, and also in the United States. And what happens is that stations are not things that come from one day to another, it takes many years.

My main place is in Switzerland, but I live on a plane, really.

Christopher Lambert
I was born in Belgium. I went to school in England and in Switzerland, then I came to America, so I really feel like I am a citizen of the world.

Well, Germany and Spain are huge footballing nations with very big clubs. They have greater resources and even more quality in their ranks. They’re under pressure to win every game, which isn’t the case in Switzerland.

Stephan Lichtsteiner
I always traveled. I left Cameroon when I was 11 years old. I lived in the USA, in Switzerland.

Yannick Noah
Keeping with our family tradition of sending their children abroad for a couple of years, and aware of my interest in chemistry, I was sent to a boarding school in Switzerland when I was 11 years old, on the assumption that German was an important language for a prospective chemist to learn.

Mario J Molina
In the ’90s, there was a big wrestling boom in Switzerland with Hulk Hogan, the Ultimate Warrior, and all those guys. It was on television in Switzerland on a German TV station for a year or so. That’s when I saw wrestling for the first time. I was in the fifth or sixth grade and was a fan of it right away.

Germany, Austria, Switzerland – they have vocational training that’s aligned to the needs of business and don’t have youth unemployment problems.

When I moved to Switzerland to study at ETH Zurich I became fascinated by Swiss architecture.

I initially moved to Switzerland for work on an animated feature film, and have been here ever since.

John Howe
I was a garbage man in New Jersey in summers during college at Yale. Everybody else got to go to Switzerland and I got to go to the dump.

Internationally, I love going to Switzerland. I went there many times for shooting and loved the Alps, the tranquility, cleanliness, the greenery and the warmth of the people there.

I have been to Switzerland a handful of times, and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to climb.

I have fond memories from growing up in Switzerland and drinking a glass of warm milk with a spoonful of honey before bed.

I keep my opinions to myself. I’m neutral – like Switzerland.

Sistine Stallone
We have so many rich people in Switzerland. They should take more responsibility for the general public. There is almost no tradition of philanthropy here anymore, unlike in the U.S.

Hansjorg Wyss
Switzerland is a small, steep country, much more up and down than sideways, and is all stuck over with large brown hotels built on the cuckoo clock style of architecture.

Maybe if I was born in Kosovo, I might not be where I am now, so I need to thank Switzerland, of course, because I went to school there, learnt to play football there, and started my career there.

It’s the change of rhythm which I think is what keeps me alive. In Spain I hear so much noise from my window that can’t stand it. In Switzerland it’s the lack of noise that drives me crazy.

Geraldine Chaplin
Roy Hodgson is a fantastic coach. I first knew him when I was playing in Switzerland and he was national team coach. It was under him that Switzerland revolutionised their player formation system.

I was born in Lausanne, Switzerland, and we lived there for three to five years – with my mother and father. And then they divorced and she came back to America.

Yasmin Aga Khan
In 25 years of exile, I’ve never had a frozen account, either in Switzerland or elsewhere in the world.

Jean-Claude Duvalier
My wife and I have spent most of our lives in France, and we are both pretty well bilingual, my wife more purely than I, since as a little girl she went to school in French Switzerland.

Patrick O’Brian
When I was 7, I went to school in Switzerland because everyone on my mom‘s side of the family lives there. Then we were back in Australia, in Queensland. That’s where we had the chance to have lots of different animals. I spent a lot of time living in nature and building cubby houses in big old trees by the ocean.

I’ve always wanted to go to Switzerland to see what the army does with those wee red knives.

President Kennedy visited once, but that was in Switzerland and I remember the Secret Service men dressed in black swarming about the house.

I keep a very low profile in Switzerland. There are only about 2,000 people in the village I live in, so it’s a quiet town.

Adam Derek Scott
My parents sent me to Switzerland on a Kindertransport.

In Switzerland, we have a centuries-old tradition of living together in one confederation and one society. That holds us back from excesses. We are a civilized and enlightened community and, by practising multicultural tolerance, we manage to stop extreme developments from going too far.

No one in Switzerland knows me as the Swiss Machine, and that’s good, because I don’t like it.

The Klitschkos don’t care about being great fighters, whereas I do. They may be big in Switzerland, but so are yodellers, and nobody wants to watch them fight.

I just got back from Switzerland, which I’ve never been to. I went to Switzerland and Amsterdam.

The Caribbean is great, but I also love the mountains as well. I’m a big skier, and I love spending time in Switzerland skiing. It really depends.

I was born in Switzerland and raised all over Europe, basically.

The first games were against Belgium and Switzerland, and that changed me as well because I used to play striker at Hull, and when I went away with Wales, I played as a winger.

We played some gigs in Switzerland a couple of weeks ago and it was the first time I really felt the group was really a band in the sense of something I could write for.

Fred Frith
In 1996, I took advantage of some favourable circumstances to propose to the state of the Ticino Canton the foundation of the Academy of Architecture and, with it, an Italian-speaking university in Switzerland.

Mario Botta
Indian films have this obsession with hygienic clean spaces, even though the country’s not so clean. They’re either shot in the studios or shot in London, in America, in Switzerland – clean places. Everywhere except India.

After boarding school in Switzerland, at, like, 14 or 15, my life clicked, and I just realized, ‘I don’t want to be like anyone around me at my school. I don’t think the world revolves around money.’

In a war everybody always knows all about Switzerland, in peace times it is just Switzerland but in war time it is the only country that everybody has confidence in, everybody.

Although I had resigned my commission as an officer two years before, I immediately left Switzerland, accompanied by my wife, in order to report for duty. As it happened, a wire reached me a day later calling me to the colors.

Fritz Kreisler
I have been very fortunate to coach marvellous teams, and it has been a great honour to work for Switzerland.

Ottmar Hitzfeld
It’s tough to find a place not to like in Switzerland.

Until 1914 I loved to travel; I often went to Italy and once spent a few months in India. Since then I have almost entirely abandoned travelling, and I have not been outside of Switzerland for over ten years.

Every year, the World Economic Forum decides on a theme for its meeting of the world’s elite in Davos, Switzerland. Usually, it’s highfalutin nonsense that no one understands and everyone ignores.

I was doing a tour of the ‘Batman‘ live stage production, and I challenged the cast to join me to run. One time, we were running in Switzerland just before Christmas, and it was heavy snow. Another time, we were running down the Seine in Paris on Christmas Day, and we all had Santa hats on.

I have a lot of fans in places like Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and I spend a lot of time there.

I grew up partially in Switzerland but mostly in Australia. I lived in Kakadu for a short time – it’s an Aboriginal community. My best friend growing up was Aboriginal. She taught me so much.

If we heard that somebody starved to death in Sweden or Switzerland, we would be shocked.

Well, I grew up in Switzerland where my parents were immigrant workers, but my whole family are very good cooks – my father also. So I always saw my parents enjoying to cook and prepare the food.

I was having these terrible back pains, and then one day in Switzerland, things got very bad. My wife Maryanna called the hotel doctor, but I don’t remember any of this, I was out of it. I had an operation, and I was nearly lost.

I’ve been to several international film festivals, including those in Locarno, Switzerland; Dubai; Russia; Berlin; Cannes; Bangkok; and Hong Kong.

I got to go to Malaysia, Germany, Switzerland, Madrid, America.

In an ideal world, I’d spend every weekend at my home in Zermatt in Switzerland.

Vanessa Mae
I was born in New York but grew up between Switzerland, where my mom is from, and Tunisia, where my dad is from. Now I live in the East Village in New York, in the same building where my parents lived when I was born, so I’ve come full circle in my life.

I saw both sides, I saw normality in Switzerland as a kid and later on I saw the insanity of it all in Italy, which almost becomes hard to live with.