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I've seen such great material, and now I'm more picky w
I’ve seen such great material, and now I’m more picky with the type of jobs that I take because it’s gotta be there. There’s an old theater saying: ‘If it’s not on the page, it’s not on the stage‘… You gotta have some type of standards as far as the jobs that you take and the roles that you take on.

I’m very picky about the meat I eat. I eat grass-fed beef, which is now becoming more common. Yes, it’s still more expensive, but it’s a very sustainable product.

I used to work at my dad‘s peanut mill, and worked 15 hours a day, 6 days a week. So, now, riding around on a nice tour bus and doing shows, you’d have to get picky to have a downside.

I am very picky about my food, and I’m very health oriented, so I always try to cook.

Julie Gonzalo
Any processed chicken from any place – I’ll order it in a heartbeat. I’m very picky about my pork, though.

I was a very picky eater.

I think the biggest lesson that I take from ‘Avatar‘ on any set that I go to is just work ethic. Working with Jim Cameron, you’re used to working very, very long days and you’re very meticulous about details. He’s very, very picky about little details, little character-isms and things.

I took a break afterConfessions.’ I was real picky. And then I suddenly realized I hadn’t worked in a year. And I was sort of, like, not really happy. I think people are happier when they have structure, you know? You realize that as you get older. You have to have rituals and structure.

I am so picky about what films I get myself into because it’s such an explosion of energy and commitment once you get in there, you destroy your life until you deliver these films. I never want to be in the position of making films that won‘t be a great use of 90 minutes of someone‘s life.

I’m very picky when saying yes to a script. I take a very long time to decide myself because I spend a lot of time with this and so to take parts where I think I can take something from my life as well. It must be interesting for me.

As a kid, I was always picky about food; if it didn’t ‘look right,’ I wouldn’t eat it.

I would definitely like to work in India. It is just that I am quite picky when it comes to roles.

I’m a mac and cheese freak. Homemade or from the blue box, I’m not picky!

Candy Crowley
I put steam on the table by being an actor. That is how I live. The longer I live, the more expensive it becomes. So I do my work. And I can’t be immensely picky. How many beautiful scripts come in one’s lifetime? I have had more than anybody, practically.

I am open to all scripts and I am not very picky.

I’m not picky; I’ll get it how I can take it. Submission, KO – whatever it is, if it has me winning, I’ll take it.

I’m so picky. People hate going to the movies with me.

Margaret Murray
I used to turn my shoulders pretty level, which a lot of golfers think is correct. But that made my swing too shallow coming into impact, so my contact was picky, especially off the turf.

I’m not a programmer myself, but I am a very, very picky end user of technology. I like my machines to work they way they’re supposed to, all the time.

You’ve got to be picky in this business – if you’re not, then I don’t think you have the option of longevity. You’ve got to be choosy and try and do something that’s outside of the box and dangerous. I love doing stuff that excites me, gives me that adrenalin rush.

Fashion people are picky.

I’m not going to be very picky. If something comes to me and I want to do it, I’ll do it.

I’m not picky. When I’m hungry, I eat.

A lot of us saw Blackadder in terms of problem-solving – ‘Did that work in that episode?’ and so on. We were very picky.

At work, we have fantastic catering people. They feed the cast and crew all day, and they’re sensitive to the needs of picky vegetarians like me. They have delicious salads. I keep mine simple: romaine lettuce, avocado, baked tofu, carrots, tomatoes and Asian dressing.

I have a lot of fake food in my apartment, but I’m picky about it. Old plaster food, like from the ’50s is really nice, hollowed out paper-mache food from old plays – the new stuff just looks too good.

I am very picky with my career. I don’t need to do it for the money or the fame. I’m very choosy, which is why I haven‘t played the typical role that people expect to see from someone of my stature and size, as the mean jock or the preppy. It’s very easy to see me like that. That’s why I go against it in different roles.

I’m very picky, and I’m never 100% happy with the work I do; I hate watching myself and hearing my voice.

Samantha Mumba
I do not like onions. It’s so funny because I am probably one of the least picky eaters ever. Pretty much any type of new food, I’ll try it, I’ll eat it. But onions, and pork. Pork and onions.

Stacie Orrico
I buy some black metal records kind of blindly, and I end up really liking maybe 30% of them. There’s a lot of duds, for me at least, in black metal. I have kind of picky tastes about it.

You can’t really be picky when no one is offering you anything.

Every since my wife, Adri, got pregnant with our now-eight-month-old daughter, Alicia, I regularly get asked what my plans are for feeding her. How can someone who writes about food and tests recipes for a living meet the picky and precise needs of an infant without losing his mind?

I’m a picky eater, so, often, if I can’t find something to eat at catering, I order pizza.

I’m a big foodie but not much of a cook. I can cook desi stuff like dal, rice and chicken. I learnt to cook a little bit when I was in college and I used to cook for my friends. I’m not picky about food and eat all types of food, the type of cuisine doesn’t matter as long as the food tastes good.

Basically, I’m in a kilt and a white shirt every day. So, you know, I don’t have a lot of scope, and I’m really picky about what I wear. Even if it’s weird, it’s very particular to me. And you can’t make a business out of what I would wear. We’d be out of business.

I am in the fortunate-enough position where I can be picky.

We become like the five people we spend most of our time with; Oh, we’ve got to be picky, and you might have to fire a few people who don’t belong in that inner circle because they can’t help you be your best and further your purpose.

I’m very picky in what I wear.

Chandler Parsons
My cats are really sassy and sophisticated, but most importantly, they are picky.

I like Armani Exchange, Guess, Rock & Republic. There’s a lot of places. I’m not too picky. I like to be trendy, and I like to look good.

Eating vegetarian in the past would have been a really bad choice as an athlete. Impossible. Just being able to get the amount of protein in was a mission. You couldn’t be picky. I feel quite liberated by the fact that I can now quite recklessly choose vegetarian food.

We incorporated new tastes and flavors into our kidsdiets from a very early age, which helped to develop their palates and prevented them from becoming picky eaters. We don’t buy junk food and give them options of fresh fruit, yogurt, raw almonds, or dried whole grain cereals for snack time.

I was an infamously picky eater as a child but also had an infamous sweet tooth. All I wanted was dessert for every meal of the day.

I haven’t done many commercials, and I’m very picky about it because it comes down to creative control.

I’m definitely picky about what projects I take on. They have to be things I’m passionate about. I actually get to be creative when it comes to my mobile game. It’s really cool.

I’m definitely someone who’s really picky about who I work with and how I want things to go, because I have a high standard of integrity for my music. I want it to be genuine.

I’m a really picky eater.

I’m very picky; I’m never happy with anything. It’s so hard to give the record away and accept that you’re done.

When it comes to creation, I am open. However, I am extremely picky when it comes to who I create with.

I’m really picky with my girlfriends.

I am very picky about my food, and I’m very healthy-oriented, so I always try to cook.

Julie Gonzalo
I have been considerably picky for somebody who’s not a movie star, and sometimes I get frustrated.

I’m very picky with what I read. It’s a specific genre of science fiction.

I get a lot of offers, but I’m pretty picky about what I promote.

My dad had the longest, silkiest, healthiest hair you’ve ever seen on a man. He had an extensive skincare routine. He was very picky with food. He never ate with his hands.

I am a picky eater. By that I mean, I love to pick the raisins out of oatmeal raisin cookies, the chips out of chocolate chip cookies, the white side off of black and white cookies, and the vanilla center out of Oreos.

It’s often out of my own insecurity. If I’m picky, it’s for that reason. I want to be able to bring my best to the table. So if I’m not connecting to something, then I’m not gonna hold up my end of the bargain, and that’s really embarrassing.

I’m very picky about the kind of work that I do, and I’m fortunate to have been able to work with great directors and great actors who’ve helped me grow as an artist.

I worked at Sears as a salesperson when I was in college. Makes me nicer to folks to have to stand all day and be nice to picky people.

Sharon Draper
Unless I have to, I can’t take a job for the money. Unless my children are going to be out on the street, I have to be a little bit picky.

I’d love to do another film version of ‘Romeo & Juliet.’ I’m not too picky as long as it’s a good story.

I’m very picky and I’m in a situation where it’s a big crossover.

I’m very picky when it comes to men. I come across a man who I’m really attracted to about once every five years.

Think about what makes a band burn out. They get too successful too fast. And then they take it for granted. And they get entitled. And they get picky. We don’t ever allow ourselves that possibility.

I am real, real picky with what I decided to do. I want to make sure it’s new and at the same time that it’s in the same color of what I have played before. Not to pigeon hole myself but I don’t like to do fluff.

Ryan Hurst
I’m very picky and very particular.

I travel around and hear from so many kids. Their parents say they were always very picky but they watch the show and they want to try stuff. The show is entertainment, but I think it has done so much for the public perception of what food can be.

Most people don’t know I have a weird pregame meal. I’m picky, so all I eat are grapes and a hamburger with nothing on it. I get the meat, the bun – that’s it.

Don’t we all think picky eaters are a pain in the rear end? The good thing about the holidays is that it’s a buffet-style thing, so you can pick what you want. It’s about filling your belly, not theirs.

I’m very picky about who we tour with.

In terms of having a business, I wanted to let it go beyond what my personal taste is. Basically, I’m in a kilt and a white shirt every day. So, you know, I don’t have a lot of scope, and I’m really picky about what I wear.

Of course my parents are picky about the girls I date; my parents watch out for me.

I was a brat. It was crazy, I was very picky. In other words, I didn’t take advantage of what was happening.

I’ve been really picky about the sort of characters that I want to represent.

I was a really picky eater as a child. Because I was obsessed by Popeye, my mum and aunts would put my food in a can to represent spinach and we’d hum the Popeye tune and then I’d happily eat it.

I have never been particularly picky when it comes to what I’m putting in my hair. Most of it is just the genes I’m so fortunate to have inherited from my parents.

Charlie White
I’m not picky, quite honestly.

I’m like a connoisseur of dry shampoo, so I’m really picky.

It’s my own personal hang-up, but I find adults who are picky eaters to be the worst. I don’t mean food allergies or preferences: I mean picky eaters. We all know one, and they’re impossible to go to lunch with or invite over for a dinner party.

I’m pretty tough and picky when it comes to actors that I admire.

I’m ruthlessly picky when it comes to the crafting of an album, the choosing of musicians, the right mikes, the right studios. There was a time when it was, ‘whatever you want.’ Then, as you learn a little bit more about your tastes, I don’t give in to that kind of thing.

I grew up eating anything at any time and going straight on court. So I’m not really that picky.

I’m pretty picky about plays.

I’m pretty picky about my hair, so I end up always styling it myself.

For breakfast, I always have eggs – whole eggs. I think the fats are really important. I also like turkey bacon and really hearty whole-grain bread. I’m very picky about it. You need bread that’s high in fiber and low in carbs. It’s hard to find, but it’s worth it.

Every interview I do, it’s basically ‘how did he do it,’ and I owe it all to my representation, and my manager is basically like my mother, she‘s so picky.

I’m picky about skin care because I hate perfumes or anything that says ‘It will take away all the lines on your face.’ I don’t want to do that. But I do use Kiehl’s and this skin cream called Restorsea because it makes my skin look nice and feel soft.

I’m not too picky. I’m not waiting, sitting around for the ideal and perfect role. I like to work, so I try to make the best of whatever opportunity comes up.